Thursday, December 30, 2010

In the beginning...

OK, I am not really sure I am "into this" or not, but thought it might be useful, maybe fun, and possibly interesting... I am not particularly good at this, and must admit that I generally don't see any sense in blogging. Having a cup of coffee across a table seems a better way to have a conversation. But I do enjoy holding court, so maybe this is one way to do so, even if I can't smell the coffee. 

It may take me a while to get the hang of this - it took me an hour and a half to figure out how to post a message... I just kept hitting "edit" in the template and it wouldn't let me edit anything in the text box... then the aha! moment hit - "edit" meant to edit the appearance of the template, not the text I am going to post... I imagine every other facet of this experience will be similarly difficult...

So we will see what this turns into...


  1. The two reasons I started a blog were to 1., give me a place to talk about genealogy when my family grew tired of me talking about genealogy and 2., give me a place to ask questions and put out queries on my surnames. I wanted distant cousins to find me, and they eventually did. My blog is my cup of coffee and conversation across the table. I've met so many wonderful genealogy friend this way. I hope you have an equally positive experience with blogging. Cheers, Amy.

  2. Thanks, Amy! And do I ever understand the "family grew tired of me talking about genealogy" issue - made them a cookbook a few years ago with genealogy mixed in (only back 150 or so years) and I don't think they ever bothered with the genealogy part but did like the recipes. And am hoping people can help me fill in the blanks, and I am pretty sure I have some blanks to help fill in for them. Thanks so much for the encouragement!