Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolution(s)

I would really like to finish the first book of the family history this year - but it is slow going, at least in part because it never seems quite "cooked" yet. When do you stop looking for more records?

At this point, I figure I have "almost done" chapters on Hans Dreper and Marietie Peters, Albert Janszen and Elsje Jans (the shortest chapter - must not have been ornery enough as there aren't many court records), Claes Pietersen Cos (Kos) and Neeltje Engles, Jan Jansen Schepmoes and Sara Pieterse van Naerden, Jan Tiebout and Sarah vander Vlucht, Michiel Bastian "Cheil" van Kortryck (unfortunately, his wife's name appears to have been lost to time), Cornelis Van Voorst and Vrouwtje Ides, and questionable ancestors in Adrian Vincent and Madaleen Eloy (questionable because the link between the two of them and the next generation is tenuous, but included in a number of genealogies despite the tenuous link).

That leaves at least another dozen plus chapters that are in various stages. Just for the families found on the 1660 Castello Map. The rest of them will form other books (or else it becomes totally overwhelming... being a wee bit of a perfectionist, I couldn't just leave it with ancestors, dates/places of birth, marriage and death with a few details thrown in, but have scoured court, land, probate, tax, baptism and any other records I could get my hot little hands on...) So when I say I have a dozen plus left to do for this first volume, that is a lot, although I have already done a first record pass and for most of them, at least they are in note form.

So what is a reasonable New Year's Resolution? Well my resolution is two fold: First to extend a "Thank You!" to all of the internet cousins who have provided their time and knowledge helping me untangle not just a few conundrums and pushing me over some of those brick walls. And second, given a full time job (plus), maybe working on genealogy four hours a week would be reasonable for a starter and then see how that goes.

Need to get ready for the New Year's weekend, after which perhaps I will dig out some more information on Hans Dreper & Marietie Pieters and their pigs.... or maybe turn to Willem Abrahamse Tietsoort and his battle with a bear on Manhattas (Manhattan). Will continue the saga mid next week.

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